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Rebecca is super knowledgeable in SEO, Social Media, Consulting, and Online Marketing. She's basically a “one stop shop” that can handle any coaching and/or learning enviroment with regards to all things related to Internet Marketing!

Steve W.
Steve W.Owner, Viddynet#

Rebecca Holman is a great internet marketing consultant and accountability coach. … I highly recommend Rebecca Holman as a great consultant to help small businesses start successful internet marketing and social media campaigns.

Maura S
Maura SOwner at Coastal Lifestyle Marketplace#

Rebecca moderates a forum I am a member of and she is very knowledgeable in all the subject she has listed. She is very professional and helpful and customer focussed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, she knows her stuff.

Dave B
Dave BManaging Partner at The Authors Launch Pad

Her encouragement and knowledge inspired me to take my business to a whole new level! Really, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. These days, every business person needs his or her own Rebecca Holman!

Elaine S
Elaine SCo-Director at Green Path Herb School

Below Are A Few Of The Things I Can Do For You

First, Let’s Ask Why We Do Them


Why is search engine optimization (SEO) important to your Missoula, Montana business? Well, if you do not need current customers or clients to find you on the web from their cell phones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers, then SEO is NOT for you.  In this day and age this is normally not the case. If you live in a town over 25,000 people, then SEO becomes increasingly much more important to your business as more competition comes to town. As you move away from just a traditional brick and mortar store and venture onto the world wide web, then you will eventually start looking for new customers online.

You may want run sales and coupon offers so you want a way to stay in touch with your current or past customers.  As you start growing you are then competing for more eyeballs on your business and it becomes more important to create a plan to help your business appear on the first page of the search engines (there is MORE than just Google, by the way).  If you DO want more customers coming into your stop, or visiting your website and buying or calling you for some service you offer than this information can be helpful for you, please keep reading to understand just what this is all about. Also how it impacts your business.

In a nutshell, we can say that search engine optimization (SEO) is the active process that in turn effects how visible your website or blog page is in the results of a search engine’s “organic” results.  When you are searching on Google, those are the results that appear in the left center of the page. They are the unpaid results returned when someone types in keywords to look for a product or service.

Natural vs Organic Search Results

You will hear some people call these “natural” or “organic” results. What this means for you as the owner of the website, it would mean that the higher on the page you are, you have earned a good ranking in the search engine such as Google, Bing or AOL, to name just a few search engines that exist.

The Search Engines will generally base your rank on many factors but most important is based upon the relevance of the content to the terms or keywords typed in and searched for.

These “organic” search engine results are different than the results of paid ads or sponsored ads in which the company had to bid on keywords.  The first few positions on the top of the page (and sometimes at the bottom) go to the highest bidders.  Every time that listed “ad” is clicked, the bidder is charged.  Therefore, they paid to get into a higher page rank or position.  Without good optimization, these companies can disappear from the search results if their budget dries up or another site out-bids them.

Content Is Still King

A few key components to successfully ranking higher in the search engines is to first and foremost have fresh, informative and engaging content on your website.  Mobile everything these days. You must have a responsive mobile friendly design so that is easy to read on smartphones and tablets. Just having a responsive theme is not enough. If the person landing on your mobile page has to hunt for your phone number or address, they will leave very quickly. So responsive is of value but being reachable via mobile phone and tablet users is even more critical.

We create the correct thumb friendly themes that get our customers calls.  So bottom line, a website is not only your digital business card but much so much more.  Once someone arrives at your website your new potential customers or returning loyal fans, can gather the relevant information they seek.  They can get a sense of who you are and what you do.  They can hear from some of you past customers by reading testimonials or reviews.  New clients can look at products or past projects.  Some may read articles or your blog posts which could ultimately help them make a decision to contact you for business.   Others may place an order directly from your website.

Off Site Optimization Counts

In this world of social signals, it is increasing more important to realize that just having a website is not enough.  This is where the concepts of SEO can be so important.  The search engines look at your social signals and connections.  So a total over all plan connecting your site and social together is how you can help rank your site higher and higher in search.

The higher ranked on the search results page (near the top of page 1), the more your website will be likely to be clicked, and then these visitors can be converted into paying customers.  Think about it.  How often do YOU go to the 2nd or 3rd page of a search result? Probably never! Why would you be satisfied if your business website ends up on anything but page 1!?!

How Can I Help?

You are most likely here because something is WRONG.  Maybe you are seeing your competition’s website rank higher than yours when your business type or keywords relevant to your niche are searched?  You have seen your customers trickle down over time and now it is time to take action. How many potential customers are being lost to your competition?  You are here because you KNOW that there is something you can do to positively impact where you rank in the web search results, you just don't know HOW To, or Don't have TIME TO do this for yourself.

You are seeking a search engine optimization professional and so, you found the right person.  We here at  can help you optimize your website and so much MORE.  You don't have to live in Montana for me to help you, my team helps people all over the world. We can help you move up in page rank so that when people are searching keywords relevant to your business you can get your business listing out for them to see.  Your website is just a billboard in the desert if you don't have web traffic that finds it.

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