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Is your Site Mobile Friendly? We Can Fix That!

Google Has Been Giving A Boost to Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google makes tweaks to their search algorithm that now favors sites that look good on smartphone screens

Back in April of 2015, Google Inc. began tweaking the search results to favor mobile friendly websites. This of course has been beneftiting those that knew about , what has come to be call Mobile Apocolypse. While some savy business owners have fixed their problems, many that do not follow the arcane world of Search Markeeting have been hurt by this because they do not know how to fix thier sites.

The worse part is that many have turned to what is called RESPONSIVE Themes . While getting a responsive theme that MAY pass the mobile test, many responsive themes leave your customers searching for how to find your phone number or your location. Thus losing you business.

With the increasing number of people now searching on mobile moving past the 50% mark, Google said it was changing its algorithm to favor mobile searches and to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens. With people frustrated by landing on sites that they can't really read, Google felt it was time to penalize sites with content that is either too wide for a phone screen or text and links that are just too small.
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List of Local SEO Niches
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Local SEO Niches

Make High Profit Using Low Competition Local SEO Niches.

When a person owns a very successful SEO Agency such as this one, you  get asked by other Search Marketers what niches do I recommend to them.

There are some many ever green niches it is hard to just pin point one over another. One just always do Keyword research to assure the niche will be profitable. The short answer however is that a top SEO Marketing Agency doesn't go after niches, they come to us. We don't turn clients away because they are not in a niche we service. At the end of the day successful Missoula SEO Marketer Rebecca Holman focuses on client's needs and can rank any niche that comes knocking at our door. We thought it might be helpful to some folks that are starting out in this industry to have a list of local niches. This is not exhaustive by any means because this list could go into the 1000’s.

Local SEO Niches List

This Local SEO Niches list is meant to just assist you with a jump start to ideas and can of value no matter where you live.

ATM Locations
Accident & Health Insurance
Accident Attorneys
Accident Attorneys

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SEO Mistakes To Avoid
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SEO Mistakes New Websites Should Steer Clear Of

6 Of The Top SEO Mistakes New Websites Frequently Make

You have spent time, energy and effort and you are very proud of your new bright and shiny website.  You are now all set to start considering how to use this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get all that traffic beating a pathway to your door. If you happen to play your cards right, and you will be rewarded with tons of steady passive traffic from organic searches. If you mess it up, you’ll be penalized and slapped by the Almighty Google.

So, to get a good start with things, let us look at the TOP 6 SEO mistakes newbie website owners should seek to avoid:

Mistake #1 –

Overuse of keywords. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Having too many keywords sprinkled throughout your site can lead to your site coming off as “spammy” by Google and you will be punished.

Not just by Google, but by your readers!

Mistake #2 –

Link farming. Getting a bunch of low quality back links from other sites only says one thing – Your site is of low quality.

Always get high quality back links from authority sites.

Mistake #3 –

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