Missoula Internet Marketing Ideas
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Finding Perfect Website Marketing Ideas For Your Needs

Reach Larger Audiences

Internet marketing lets any business reach the largest amount of potential customers. Most people use the Internet on a daily basis. Future generations won't even know about phone books or yellow pages.Marketing on search engines is very subtle and many people do not even realize that these are ads.

Short-term promotions are an effective way to improve PageRank. You can purchase page ranking if you have a good enough deal. This process works for the same way as loss leaders do.

Your website tags should accurately project the primary purpose of your business.

Create a FAQ page to help out your site. Provide well-thought-out answers to all questions, and don't be afraid to self-sell where appropriate.

Provide one thing that is niche or very unique on your website.This will most likely get you a ton of traffic towards your site when people go searching for this product.

Make sure there are captions with every image on your site include captions. Search engines will use captions in relation to searches. With captions for every photo on your site, you will see your rank rise on search results pages.

Always be prepared to cover any questions potential customers may have. People visit your site seeking knowledge, and if they do not get the information they are searching for at your site, then chances are they will not be with you very long. Providing your viewers with detailed information satisfies them and will increase the likelihood of a sale.

You already have the tools that you need in order to be successful internet marketer. You are perfectly capable of achieving your goals without help from software programs or any other get rich quick medium; all you need is yourself. Just work diligently and imagine what you can achieve when you are marketing strategies carefully.

Know Your Competition

One good tip for Online marketing is to have an awareness of the competition. You can easily look at the competition's web site and see the features they have. You can also investigate their traffic they are getting.

Give a lot of specials to choose from at the check-out page.You could give a special promotion to previous customers.

Try to be thorough when designing your website as clear cut and easy to use as possible. You want your customer knowledge in a short amount of time for them to know the products they are buying. Don't pad or use useless data that the customer needs to know.

Having too many indexed pages such as a million or more can cause a search engine to pass by your site, but search engines are more likely to rank your site well if it has around ten or twenty thousand pages.

Using the Internet allows marketers to target their efforts to much more precise demographics than ever before. This is the most efficient way to stretch an advertising budget. Affiliate marketing also makes it easy to track how effective your efforts are. The internet is a great place for any business to invest their marketing dollars.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for Small Business
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YouTube Channel Optimization Ideas for Small Business

YouTube Optimization Is A Must

YouTube is one of the top search engines in the world. Owned by Google it is searched everyday by millions of people. Many of those people are your potential customers. Here are some reasons why optimizing your channel on YouTube is a great source for getting your brand in front of the right people.

There is a reason why the vast  majority of Business – to – Customer (B2C) and Business – to- Business (B2B) are building up their video marketing arsenal. Billions of people are engaging and communicating on YouTube, if you are not using this FREE traffic source allow Rebecca Holman SEO Consulting to Help you with that.

Channel optimization includes the below 10 items, to help your channel have the most impact. See Our YouTube Channel SEO Optimization Options

Top 10 YouTube Channel Optimizations

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The Features Mobile Friendly Websites Have In Common

Is your local business website mobile friendly?

Is you website really mobile friendly? You may think that it is, because on your phone it RESPONDS to the size of your phone. That is called a Responsive site.

Sadly, Responsive and Mobile Friendly DO NOT necessarily mean it is friendly for your Prospective customers.

Another item that Google also is looking at is that the site loads quickly on mobile. That is called an AMP page.  AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages by making sure your pages are both thumb friendly as well as load fast, you can help assure that you make the cut to Googles NEW Mobile Search Listings.

A simple test to run for yourself is , if you're not sure, use your own mobile device to see how your website looks. If you have trouble reading it or finding the information a customer on the run might be looking for, then it's time to figure out how to make it better.

More and more people use their phones exclusively to look for local businesses, while they are on the run, in their car or at work.  So with over 55% of your customers and prospects now using mobile to find you, that would mean it is imperative to be mobile friendly.

Mobile websites are good for your business because consumers are using their mobile devices at a higher and higher rate to find your business. If your website looks awful on their mobile device, they'll be less likely to take the time to visit your location. Not only that, but Google is NOW excluding websites that are not mobile friendly, from their mobile search results.

The features good mobile websites have in common are:

Mobile Friendly Websites

  • They are made for smaller screens — You can't just shrink down your current screen if it has tons of information on it.
  • They are very simple — The site should be really simple with fewer colors and fewer graphics that would make the mobile device get locked up on the website.
  • They have large buttons — Imagine trying to click a link that is very small on a mobile device, so it’s much better to have large buttons that you can easily click with your fingers.
  • They have simple navigation — Use very simple navigation so that it's easy to click to get where you want to go, as well as get back to where you were.
  • They have to be fast — People don't waste time on slow websites when visiting by PC. they won't waste time visiting via their mobile device either.
  • They redirect on top — It's important that you redirect at the top of the site to the mobile site so that users see up front that you have a mobile site.
  • They don't use Flash — Mobile devices currently do not like Flash, so try not to use it on your website if you're not going to redirect to another site.
  • They localize it — Your address and phone number (and access to a map) should be right up front, by clicking on the landing page – with click-to-call links so that users can find you easier.


The fact is, your clients and potential clients are using mobile technology, and it doesn't matter if you're a beauty shop owner or a restaurant owner. Mobile devices are wide spread and cannot be ignored. In fact, the use of mobile devices will eventually outpace personal computer use and purchases. Mobile devices are simply small computers, and since people carry them with them, they are going to use them to find businesses they want to use while on the go. It's important that you're ready.


Your mobile site needs to be just as good as your regular website. You should follow best practices for mobile websites.  It's important to think of what information people on the go are looking for, so you can know what the most important aspects of your website are. Then you can properly mobilize it and localize it.

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Is your Site Mobile Friendly? We Can Fix That!

Google Has Been Giving A Boost to Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google makes tweaks to their search algorithm that now favors sites that look good on smartphone screens

Back in April of 2015, Google Inc. began tweaking the search results to favor mobile friendly websites. This of course has been beneftiting those that knew about , what has come to be call Mobile Apocolypse. While some savy business owners have fixed their problems, many that do not follow the arcane world of Search Markeeting have been hurt by this because they do not know how to fix thier sites.

The worse part is that many have turned to what is called RESPONSIVE Themes . While getting a responsive theme that MAY pass the mobile test, many responsive themes leave your customers searching for how to find your phone number or your location. Thus losing you business.

With the increasing number of people now searching on mobile moving past the 50% mark, Google said it was changing its algorithm to favor mobile searches and to favor sites that look good on smartphone screens. With people frustrated by landing on sites that they can't really read, Google felt it was time to penalize sites with content that is either too wide for a phone screen or text and links that are just too small.
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List of Local SEO Niches
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Local SEO Niches

Make High Profit Using Low Competition Local SEO Niches.

When a person owns a very successful SEO Agency such as this one, you  get asked by other Search Marketers what niches do I recommend to them.

There are some many ever green niches it is hard to just pin point one over another. One just always do Keyword research to assure the niche will be profitable. The short answer however is that a top SEO Marketing Agency doesn't go after niches, they come to us. We don't turn clients away because they are not in a niche we service. At the end of the day successful Missoula SEO Marketer Rebecca Holman focuses on client's needs and can rank any niche that comes knocking at our door. We thought it might be helpful to some folks that are starting out in this industry to have a list of local niches. This is not exhaustive by any means because this list could go into the 1000’s.

Local SEO Niches List

This Local SEO Niches list is meant to just assist you with a jump start to ideas and can of value no matter where you live.

ATM Locations
Accident & Health Insurance
Accident Attorneys
Accident Attorneys

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SEO Mistakes To Avoid
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SEO Mistakes New Websites Should Steer Clear Of

6 Of The Top SEO Mistakes New Websites Frequently Make

You have spent time, energy and effort and you are very proud of your new bright and shiny website.  You are now all set to start considering how to use this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get all that traffic beating a pathway to your door. If you happen to play your cards right, and you will be rewarded with tons of steady passive traffic from organic searches. If you mess it up, you’ll be penalized and slapped by the Almighty Google.

So, to get a good start with things, let us look at the TOP 6 SEO mistakes newbie website owners should seek to avoid:

Mistake #1 –

Overuse of keywords. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Having too many keywords sprinkled throughout your site can lead to your site coming off as “spammy” by Google and you will be punished.

Not just by Google, but by your readers!

Mistake #2 –

Link farming. Getting a bunch of low quality back links from other sites only says one thing – Your site is of low quality.

Always get high quality back links from authority sites.

Mistake #3 –

SEO Softwares – Read more

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Google now discounts all reciprocal links

For a long time, reciprocal links have remained at the forefront of most inbound linking strategies. This is going to have to change. Google now discounts all reciprocal links. The algorithm has been altered to identify the exchange of links by two parties for the purpose of increasing their number of inbound links.

The concept of reciprocal linking defies Google’s original intention with the algorithm. Quality content should attract links. The exchange of links is nothing more than a mutual agreement to unjustifiably promote others’ content with the end goal of promoting your own. Google doesn’t particularly like this (see Link Schemes).

Some even claim that Google is now able to identify three-way linking schemes (i.e. website A links to website B, who links to website C, who links back to A). Whether this is true or not is hard to say. One thing is for certain though: inbound linking strategies should NOT be centered around reciprocal linking. This manufactured form of link creation is not well-received and is ultimately a waste of time. Instead, focus on creating unique, high-quality content in a given niche. The links will ensue.

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Strategic Use of Images in Search Engine Optimization

When assessing page structure and layout, there is a subtle, yet strategic way to use images in an SEO-friendly manner (beyond ALT tags) that improves your search rank while allowing you to integrate the necessary marketing message(s). Confused? Let’s look at an example:

Suppose you operate a travel site and you want to optimize a given page for the term “Las Vegas hotel”. Suppose that you also want to include an enticing marketing message such as “Book now and save 20%!”. The aforementioned tagline lacks descriptive text, but possesses persuasive characteristics. That being said, you may want to place the tagline in an image and the key phrase (i.e. Las Vegas hotel) in a header tag. This places emphasis on the desired term, yet still provides a marketing opportunity without compromising keyword consistency.

In other words, images are a great place to insert marketing messages that lack the necessary keywords and phrases. Leveraging this technique will ensure that descriptive text is indexed, while less marketing jargon is overlooked. The combination of keyword-rich content and enticing messaging will satisfy both sides of the strategic equation.

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Incorporation of Company Branding and SEO

SEO is not an exact science. This becomes apparent when trying to incorporate both SEO and branding into a strategy. This process is finicky to say the least. On the one side, SEO deals with the placement of keywords and phrases. On the other side, branding deals with company loyalty and culture. Incorporating both sides dilutes the prominence of both. But eliminating one or the other may not meet all strategic and marketing goals.

Once again, it should be emphasized that SEO is a series of guidelines rather than an exact science. Having said that, the following recommendation can be used to satisfy both sides of the equation. In general, keywords and phrases (i.e. SEO) should remain the focus of any early-stage company, while the incorporation of company branding should appear later in the evolution. This is simply a general statement and should not be taken word for word.

The reasoning is pretty straightforward. At first, no-one knows the name of your company, but perhaps they are searching for your products or services. In other words, you want to target keywords and phrases that focus around your offering rather than your company. As you build loyalty and credibility, branding becomes more important. It’s at this point that you may want to incorporate corporate messaging to strengthen the relationship with customers and instill trust in your brand.

One final thought about branding: if a searcher types in the name of your company, they are likely to find your website anyways. This is due mostly to anchor text and back-links. Therefore, optimizing for the company name is rather insignificant in most cases.

absolute-links-vs-relative links
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Absolute Links vs. Relative Links – SEO Value

The debate between absolute links and relative links continues to live on in the SEO world. The individual significance of each has been contested, but it is widely regarded that absolute links provide better SEO value on the whole than relative links.

Many believe that absolute links have less potential for getting messed up when search engines index your page. It shouldn’t really make a difference, but many conclude that this is reason enough.

Furthermore, content scrapers and RSS services may ‘repurpose’ your content legitimately (or not). In either case, shouldn’t a proper back-link be attributed to your site? This situation favours absolute links. Although this is a minor argument, it’s still worth considering.