Kotton Grammer Testimonial

Kotton Grammer Testimonial

Kotton Grammer  Testimonial – A Thank You to Kotton Grammer for his SEO BadAssary

Kotton Grammer is a force to be reconned with. I must say that this video can not even express what I have learned from Kotton Grammer from OMG. He, Mike Long, Fletch, Joe, David, Liz are all top notch coachs and so it is pretty hard to express in this video testimonial all that I have learned or feel about Kotton Grammer and the gang at OMG.

I set out to make this testimonial and must admit that my first live stream video fell quite short of expectations but we had a bunch of pressure to rank and rank quickly for this testimonial for Kotton Grammer because the one that wins gets the golden ticket, to learn from him. So a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

So why this testimonial video for Kotton Grammer?

Well if we can count the ways that Kotton Grammer has touched the lives of so many in OMG this testimonial video will fall far short of the mark. We know that there will be plenty of other #KottonGrammer #Testimonials #1SEO sent out to @ikotton to fill a small grand canyon. My reserach took me to Twitter where I found that Kotton's hashtags are as widespread as flowers in Denmark in Spring. Have you ever seen the tulip fields in Denmark? well they are pretty amazing that is for sure.

When Kotton Grammer threw down this challenge this evening I was going to wait and do it this weekend. But then I thought about all the sacrifices the coachs at OMG make to deliver us their super high quality training. So time waits for NO ONE and so I decided even with not such great video creation skills that Perfection would get in the way of progress and so I decided to make this first attempt. Maybe I will make a few more videos in this series. Why not? I sure can do that can't I? Kotton Grammer lights a fire under us, to do our best so maybe just maybe this is the start of my desire to give back to him too.

I had heard about Kotton before I joined OMG. But I did NOT expect what I found when I got into this course. I did not expect a coach at this level of his game. I did not expect a multi millionaire would take the time out to give back to use at such a deep and profound level. Counting Time, Going back in Time..Seriously Kotton has shared and bared his soul to us. He has put his heart on his sleeve and so gives us way more then we give back on many levels.

So it is with humble sincerity that I am willing to do this testimonial for Kotton Grammer and to salute the power of the positive mind that he has set down before us. The GET IT THE FUCK done attitude. It has pushed me to places I have not been before and I know that my business will be all the better for knowing Kotton Grammer. He has touched the lives of many and there are way more testimonials about him then you can imagine and for very good reason. He and OMG change lives.

When you first meet Kotton Grammer I don't think most people would suspect that this guy is the top SEO in the world. I don't think they would suspect that so many people have rendered testimonials for Kotton Grammer, Mike Long, David Wells and all the coaches. High praises indeed are due to this gang who set out the change the way people learn.

I think it is safe to say that Kotton Grammer being one of the main coaches brings it every week. He guides so many lost sheep to pasture that would have remained lost. Kotton Grammer hits the nail on the head when he keeps US the students inside the velvet ropes. Helping us focus on what is important, vs what is vapor.

So I sit here tonight and I have to think back and reflect and realize that I have not done all that I should do. I have not done all that can do, and I have only scratched the surface of what I can able to do. So Kotton Grammer does drive me to work a bit harder. He helps me KNOW that it is possible to reach higher, because HE DID and he achieved his dream.

I for one an amazed and astounded when I look at what he has accomplished.

I mean the guy ranks in like every city in the USA and even some in Europe and Japan. Talk about world domination
Orlando SEO
New Orleans
Chicago SEO
Saint Louis SEO
Miami SEO
Kansas City SEO

So at the end of the day I think that we can all safely see that a Kotton Grammer testimonial is not only warrented but really is something each and every student of his, sort of owes him. He has done the work and he doesn't need to come and show us sorry souls one damn thing. but he does.

YOu can go check all of this out at

You can see his other testimonials at

I am emulating what he is doing, and growing my business at the same time.

So at the end of the day, this Kotton Grammer testimonial is really for MY sake, to remind me that there are still great people in the world. There are still honest trainers and coaches. Still people like Kotton Grammer and Mike Long and all the rest that are working to make the little people great.

So this Kotton Grammer testimonial is more of a Thank You then any thing else.

I say thank you Kotton with all my deepest heart and soule. You have helped me change my stars as Mike would say.

This Kotton Grammer testimonial video is just one of many, and may it be the ONE that allows me a chance at the golden ticket to be one that gets a chance to be coached by the best SEO on the planet.