10 Reasons to Use YouTube SEO For Your Business

You have certainly seen more and more video engagement on your Facebook feed, and just about every social channel is awash with funny cat and dog videos.  It is critical to realize that for your business needs, YouTube is not just a place where people post up funny videos. You see YouTube Search Engine Optimization is becomeing a core and critical part of any serious small local business marketing strategy.

YouTube statistics tells us there are over a billion users, that is 1/3 of all the people on the internet. YouTube reaches more 18-49 years olds then any cable network in the USA.. Think about how you are spending your ad dollars, if you are NOT putting them into this FREE advertising channel, you must ask why you are not.

Something of value to consider is that “For every 1 keyword there are 4,600,000 articles competing for the 1st page of Google. HOWEVER For every 1 Keyword there are only 16,000 videos competing for the 1st page of Google.”

When you are thinking about YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS needs this gives you a huge advantage because FEW Small and Medium Sized businesses are leveraging the power of YouTube in your local area.

Our tests have shown that when our clients want some fast rankings and high rankings on Google that using their partner platform YouTube is the best way to get the results we seek.  Video is the key if you want to be seen quickly then you must consider using some of the power of YouTube Search Engine Optimization to rank on the first page of Google.

Here is a short list of some of the top reason your business should have a YouTube channel. These are factors that we use to make sure our clients rank on the 1st page of search results.

  1. Target Audience:
    • YouTube videos done right will be naturally appealing to the the right customer. That said, they also have a very easy process for advertising your videos on your competitor’s videos. Google Adwords also allows you to target people already interested in what you are selling.
  2. Build A Following:
    • Because people can like your videos and subscribe to your Channel, you can continue to promote to people who already like what you have to say and show. And with software, you have the capability to insert opt-in forms right in your video.
  3. YouTube is Massive:
    • It is estimated that YouTube reaches more than 1 Billion People every month. It is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind it’s parent Google.
  4. Google Results:
    • Google loves its child YouTube and for that, it places relevant videos right in their results. First page results for videos are more likely to be watched than the top 5 text results combined.
  5. Viral:
    • Nothing on this Earth spreads faster than video. You have a great offer that will get people excited? Put it on Facebook, market it and watch how many people share it with their friends on social networks everywhere. This reach is nearly impossible with traditional marketing, including websites.
  6. Relationship Builder:
    • Although, most people are a little nervous about putting themselves out there for the world to judge, being able to add your own personality to a video will help build relationships with your buyers and that can go along way when trying to build a long term buying relationship with anyone.
  7. Statistically Speaking:
    • A survey done in 2014 claims that 9 of 10 consumers will consult a YouTube video before making any purchase online and 7 of 10 consumers will consult a YouTube video before making a purchase in a store.
  8. Affordability:
    • Significantly less expensive than Television or Radio Advertising.
  9. Long Lasting Impacts:
    • Unlike TV, Radio or Newspapers, your message is out there for the long haul. You can impact your relationship with your customers by posting value added content that they can come back to again and again.
  10. Feedback:
    • YouTube viewers are much more likely to leave feedback on your video than any other form of advertising. This feedback can be crucial to improving products, solving customer service issues and improving your brand overall.
  11. Measurability:
    • With all the tools that Google gives you, it is easy to determine a Return on your investment.

  YouTube SEO Services Pricing

We approach ranking your videos the same way that we would rank your website on the Internet. There are steps that must be taken to rank your videos on the first page of Google in order to target your perfect prospects and customers.  You sadly can not just go out and slap up a video on the web.  I have worked with many YouTube channels that were just not ranking well. Once our team went about optimizing it, and making some vital tweaks, the videos did move up in raking on Google and also on YouTube.

I say all this to say, that there are tons of videos made every day, but not all make it to page one on Google.  So do not be fooled,  there is some specialized work associated with creating a YouTube Channel and Videos that will rank on the first page of YouTube and in the results of Google. There are also things we do in the back ground to make sure your videos maintain their positions.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a delicate balance.

You want to hire people that are knowledgeable about how the algorithms for YouTube work.

We also realize that the pricing must be simple. So, we created a very easy to understand model for this project.

Starter: Ranking of a single published video in a Business Focused YouTube Channel

  • First Page YouTube ranking for 1-2 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “Video” ranking for 1-2 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “Organic” ranking for 1-2 relevant keywords

Serious Players: Upload and Ranking of a NEW video in a current or new Business YouTube Channel

  • First Page YouTube ranking for 2-3 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “Video” ranking for 2-3 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “All” ranking for 2-3 relevant keywords

Brand Domination: YouTube Channel Optimization of all videos on the channel (up to 10 videos)

  • Total Channel Overhaul: updated channel art, thumbnails, and playlist creation
  • First Page YouTube ranking for 2 SELECTED Videos for 2-3 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “Video” ranking for 2 SELECTED Videos for 2-3 relevant keywords
  • First Page Google “All” ranking for 2 SELECTED Videos for 2-3 relevant keywords

Custom Needs: If Your Channel Has More Than 20 Videos Please contact us about our FULL Optimization Program

  • You are throwing your MONEY away if you are ranking one video on a poorly optimized Channel.

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