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Rebecca Has Been There Before!

I got my first computer in 1983. I loved playing on my Commodore 64 writing simple programs. Who knew it would blossom into a life long affair with all things web based and techy.

In 1999 I started working for my first Internet Start Up company. After 7 years in the Insurance Industry it was fun to go to work in shorts and sandals vs dresses and practical shoes. From that time until now I have continuously been working online with various companies, helping them start up and become profitable.

I have watched the Internet come of age, so I am versed in just about all topics Internet related.

  • Word Press? I have taught classes on the topic.
  • Online Marketing? I have sold from Shirts to Mugs to Books and helped others set their stores up so that they could sell as well.
  • Social Media? I have been on Facebook since it allowed adults on their platform and I have a robust presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. I am not every where, but I have focused and MASTERED the platforms I am on.
  • Amazon? I have both an FBA Sellers account as well as have authored over 1500 books and growing under various aliases. Want to be published using Createspace or KDP Print On Amazon? I can help you.

I have grown as the Internet has grown, so I know my way around here, if you are seeking a guide and some help.


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