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Alessandro Zamboni – Author and Product Creator Supreme
Rebecca created one of the best products about journals creation, and watching her videos you won't only get the process to follow, but also the right motivation to create an army of journals bringing in cash every month.

This course is so well done that I also promoted it to my list. Journals are the best zero-content books you can create!

Maureen O., Color Me Positive PLR

I picked up Rebecca's Journal Tsunami Course and I am so glad I did. One of my favorite videos is how to create journal covers quickly and easily in Powerpoint.
This information alone will save me an enormous amount of time and it's fun to boot. 
Rebecca has a very clear teaching style which I love. No fluff, just step by step, over the shoulder goodness that is easy to follow along with. If you want to put your publishing on hyper-drive and create a tsunami of journals, then you'll want to grab this course now!”

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►► WHAT OTHERS SAY: Elaine Sheff -Co-Director at Green Path Herb School

Her encouragement and knowledge inspired me to take my business to a whole new level! Really, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. These days, every business person needs his or her own Rebecca Holman!

Steve Whitby – Owner, Stephen Paul Appraisals

Rebecca is super knowledgeable in SEO, Social Media, Consulting, and Online Marketing. She's basically a “one stop shop” that can handle any coaching and/or learning environment with regards to all things related to Internet Marketing! One of her strongest assets is her lightening fast ability to get answers! And her heart and passion to help people with positioning their brands online..

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