6 Of The Top SEO Mistakes New Websites Frequently Make

You have spent time, energy and effort and you are very proud of your new bright and shiny website.  You are now all set to start considering how to use this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get all that traffic beating a pathway to your door. If you happen to play your cards right, and you will be rewarded with tons of steady passive traffic from organic searches. If you mess it up, you’ll be penalized and slapped by the Almighty Google.

So, to get a good start with things, let us look at the TOP 6 SEO mistakes newbie website owners should seek to avoid:

Mistake #1 –

Overuse of keywords. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Having too many keywords sprinkled throughout your site can lead to your site coming off as “spammy” by Google and you will be punished.

Not just by Google, but by your readers!

Mistake #2 –

Link farming. Getting a bunch of low quality back links from other sites only says one thing – Your site is of low quality.

Always get high quality back links from authority sites.

Mistake #3 –

SEO Softwares – These are the banes of SEO. Google does not approve of any dodgy software that claims to boost SEO, get you a bunch of backlinks or write articles for you.

Don't pay for crappy automation.

Mistake #4-

Blackhat SEO techniques. Those types of SEO have been around since the early internet marketing days.

During the Wild West days of Google you could get away with that. Now they have been targeted by Google and anyone caught using it is generally severely punished. Your site may be banned and deindexed so they can't be found on the search engines.

Mistake #5 –

No social interactions. The world is interconnected now, and the almightly Google recognizes this.

The Search Engines reward websites that include social interactions into the mix.

Get people to connect with you via blog commenting, social sharing and other stuff if you want high quality trust for your site.

Mistake #6 –

Too little content. Focus on high quality content. Post should be 500 – 1500 words long.

Google trust sites that have GOOD content that adds value to the Internet experience of the searchers.

We have found that you should work to get at least 100 blog posts. At that time Google will reward your site significantly.

If you lack the content, it’s time to get your mojo on.

These are just a few of the things that can cause issues for new website owners. We offer complete SEO services. Feel free to contact us just drop us a note

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